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Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy balances the higher return potential available in stocks with the relative safety available in cash and fixed income investments. We select stocks based on their average growth prospect and selling price. Investments of fixed income are executed by ensuring safety of principal while pursuing the best available yield.


Stocks selected have the potential for above average total return over a one to five year time horizon.  Our analysis of equities measures each company‚Äôs financial strength, growth and stability of profits, and management competence.  We strive to buy shares of very good companies at a price that is at a discount to the intrinsic value of the enterprise.  Sustainable, growing cash flows and high returns on equity without excess leverage are important characteristics.  Once a stock achieves its potential return or target price, at least a portion is sold.

Cash & Fixed Income

We use money market funds and U.S. Treasury Bills for cash and equivalents. U.S. Treasury Notes and Bonds and investment-grade municipals, if appropriate, are acquired when investing in the fixed income market. Additionally, we will purchase Federal Agency or high quality corporate bonds and FDIC insured Certificates of Deposit. Our approach is to ladder out maturities as far as ten years, thereby reducing interest rate risk.